June 9, 2020

Policies for PALS Plus Libraries

Best practices, information, documents for re-opening libraries.  The TOPCATS Documents link is a direct link to a number of useful document put together by NJ librarians.

April 15, 2020

PALS Plus Circulation Core Documents

Workflows Essential Skills

Workflows – Circulation Basics

Workflows – Advance Searching

Workflows – Holds Management




March 27, 2020

Since libraries have been closed to the public by the Governor’s order, we would not re-open until that order has been lifted.  At this time, I have no idea when that may be.  

There is very little to be done in the actual building.  I have been going in, answering phones and email, cleaning materials from the book drop and finishing the installation of the staff computers.  Prior to closing, on March 16, the public computers had been replaced.  At this point, all the staff computers have been replaced with the new computers we received recently.  All the files on the old staff computers have been copied to a folder on the  new computer, so at some point those will need to be sorted and saved to the appropriate places.

Along with the new computer installation, we have upgraded the Microsoft Office suite of Word, Excel, Outlook (staff only), Power Point, and Publisher to the 2019 versions.  They are similar to previous versions, including  the older 2010 version that had been installed on computers.  The older Office suite products will no longer be available.

While the library is closed, if you have the ability, I would ask you take time to go through some of the following training and tutorials to become familiar with the new Office products.

Microsoft offers some tutorials at:

We only have Excel, Outlook, Power Point, Publisher and Word installed, so concentrate on those.

 An alternate site with Office Training is listed below, if also offers YouTube videos if you prefer:

GCF Global free Microsoft Office Training – offers web and YouTube tutorials on various components of Microsoft Office.

PALS Plus has sent some resources, there may be some things that you will find of interest:

If you are looking for something beyond Office Training WebJunction has a number of library related training and webinars.  A free account would need to be made.

WebJunction –

The self-proclaimed learning place for libraries, WebJunction, from OCLC, is a tremendous resource on just about every topic related to libraries.

Here is a link to their Topic Areas page, from which staff can select the specific roles or areas related to their responsibilities.

Resources from State Libraries

Indiana State Library

State Library of Iowa

Texas State Library

Utah State Library