Use of Specific Library Facilities & Grounds

The Library building and its grounds shall be used for the benefit of the citizens of Pompton Lakes.  Organizations and individuals who wish to use specific library facilities or grounds may request that the Library Director grant such permission.  These requests shall be considered if they meet the following criteria:

  1. The use will not interfere with regular library operation.
  2. The use will be of general value to citizens of Pompton Lakes.
  3. The use of the library building and/or facilities shall not be directly related to the purpose of profit or gain by an individual or profit-making organization.
  4. The individual or organization shall assume responsibility for any loss or damage to the property which result from this use, as well as liability for any injury incurred through participation in the activity, by presenting either the receipt of, or the insurance rider, to the Director of the Library prior to the date of the function.
  5. If the activity causes the library to incur any additional expenses, a fee shall be charged to recover these costs.
  6. The individual who applies for the use of library facilities or grounds must sign an agreement indicating acceptance of the above conditions.