Photography, Video/Audio Recording Policy

Photography, video, and audio recording in the library is generally permitted if it is for library promotion, an assigned student project, or strictly for personal use. In order to protect the rights of individual patrons and to reduce distractions, photographing, video or audio recording; including but not limited to all forms of Social Media outlets, Skype, and Facetime, on library property is restricted as follows:

  • Under no circumstances may the public or members of the media take photographs or record video or audio without the express permission of any library patron or staff member who would be prominently included within the composition or recording. Taking photographs or videotaping of a minor, an individual under the age of 18, requires the permission of the minor’s parent or guardian. The library undertakes no responsibility for obtaining these releases.
  • Photography or video recording for commercial purposes is not permitted without approval by the director or the director’s designee; such approval must be requested in writing and in advance.
  • Community organizations holding scheduled events or meetings in the library study or meeting rooms may arrange for their own photography or videotaping/recording of their event. Such photography and videotaping is restricted to the space reserved by the group, the people in the group, and the group is responsible for any necessary releases and permissions.
  • Library staff often takes pictures or records videos at library events to use in library publicity materials and on the library’s website or other social media outlets. The library reserves the right to document its services and the public’s use of the library. Official representatives of the library may take photographs, videotape or use other recording devices within the library and at library-related events and activities for library purposes. These photographs and video may be copied, displayed, published (including on the library’s website or other social media outlets), and telecast for such purposes as promotion, publicity, and news to inform the public about the library. All such photography/videotaping will be in accordance with library procedures.
  • This policy extends to photographs and filming by library staff at Friends of the Library events and at library booths and programs at public events in the community.
  • Photography, videotaping or use of other recording devices may not interfere with the provision of library services. Staff will terminate any photography, videotaping or audio recording session that appears to compromise public safety, security or infringes on staff members’ or patrons’ right to privacy. Members of the public that refuse to comply may be asked to leave the library.