Emergency Closings Policy

The Free Public Library of the Borough of Pompton Lakes, Emanuel Einstein Memorial is a public service institution, and every effort is made to maintain regular hours for the public and staff, safety permitting.  

In the event that conditions arise requiring a closing, early closing, or delayed opening of the Library building, the Library Director, following discussion with the Library Board President, may close the library building to the public.  The decision will take into account the actions of The Borough of Pompton Lakes, the Pompton Lakes School District, National or New Jersey weather service or emergency advisories, and safety concerns.

  • The Library will be closed when weather conditions deteriorate to the point where emergency situations prevail.
  • When vital equipment in the building fails (e.g., furnace malfunction, no water in the building, no electricity, etc.).
  • Or if otherwise deemed necessary to ensure safety of either library staff or the public.

In the instance of adverse weather, the decision to close the Library will be based upon:

  • General conditions of roads in the Pompton Lakes area.
  • Condition of the Library’s parking lot, walkways, and emergency exits.
  • Availability of sufficient staff to open and operate the Library.
  • Requests for closure by local, county or state law enforcement agencies.

 Cancellation of Library Programs & Reservations

  • All scheduled library programs will be canceled in the event of a library building closing.
  • All meeting room and study room reservations will be cancelled in the event of a library building closing. Library staff will attempt to notify reservation holders of closing.

The public will be notified of closing or changes in hours of operation through a variety of means:

Fines will not be charged for any day on which the library is closed.