Collection Development Policy

The Free Public Library of the Borough of Pompton Lakes provides materials and services to support the educational, informational, recreational and cultural needs of the citizens of Pompton Lakes, NJ.  The primary functional roles that support this mission are:

  1. Popular Materials Library
  2. Preschooler’s Invitation to Learning.

Secondary roles are:

  1. Reference Library
  2. Independent Learning Center
  3. Community Information Center

These functional roles will be considered in the development of the collection, and will receive priority in the allocation of resources and funds.

Selection and purchase of library materials rests with the Library Director who may delegate some responsibilities to other staff members.  Staff will adhere to accepted professional practices when making selection decisions.  First the educational, informational and recreational needs of the community will be considered in selecting materials.

Before the beginning of each budget year, the director will determine how limited funds will be allocated among the major collection subdivisions (e.g. adult circulating collection; youth circulating collection, reference, periodicals, non-print).  Circulation statistics and counts of in-house use of materials will be maintained to assist in decision making.  Average cost per item, as determined by the previous year’s purchases and reports in library and publishing journals, will also be considered in allocating funds.

Materials will be selected based on positive reviews in professional journals, actual examination and evaluation of materials and at times popular demand.  Suggestions from the community for items to be considered for purchase are strongly encouraged, but materials must meet selection criteria.

The Free Public Library of the Borough of Pompton Lakes does not acquire textbooks that support local curricula, but may acquire textbooks for general use by the public.  Multiple copies and paperback books of popular books may be purchased to meet demand.  The library will have material available in a variety of formats when available and practical.  Audio Books on cassette and CD will be selected for potential long-term use.  Regardless of an item’s popularity, the library may choose not to select it, because its format is not durable enough to withstand reasonable library use, or it would require excessive staff time to maintain.

Objections to items in the collection should be made in writing to the Library Director.  Materials that no longer meet the needs of the community and no longer support the library’s collection will be withdrawn and disposed of in accordance with the library’s Policy for the withdrawal of library materials.