Borrowing Policies

One consortia—one card—one circulation policy

Beginning May 1st, 2007, the PALS Plus libraries began using a standardized circulation policy.

  • Starting May 1, 2017, PALS Plus libraries will be reducing the daily overdue fee for DVDs to $0.50.  
  • The renewal limit for DVDs will also increase to two renewals, if there are no holds on the item.  
  • New-DVD renewals will remain at one renewal, if there are no holds on the item.

Library users that borrow material from multiple libraries will no longer need to remember a matrix of policies—our goal is to make this simple for the user.  The chart below explains the new policies.

  • Library users may borrow up to 75 items.
  • They may place up to 50 holds.
  • Borrowers will be blocked if they have five items overdue or owe $5.00 in fines.
  • Borrowers may now place holds on any material from any library as long as it has been in the system for three months.
  • New material is holdable at the home library only.  This means that all media (videos, DVDs, music CDs, audio books, etc) can be requested from any library once it is older than 3 months old.
Circulates for:
Renewal *
Fine / Maximum Fine
Book21 days21 days / 2 times
$0.10 / $5.00
Special Demand Books14 days14 days / 1 time
$0.10 / $5.00
Audiobooks21 days ( limit 6 at one time)21 days / 2 times
$0.10 / $5.00
New Audiobooks21 days (limit 6 at one time)21 days / 1 time
$0.10 / $5.00
Children’s Audio Cassettes21 days ( limit 6 at one time)21 days / 2 times
$0.10 / $5.00
MagazinesCurrent Issue does NOT circulate.
1 week for all other issues.
1 week
$0.10 / $5.00
Reference MaterialsDo NOT circulateDo NOT circulate
DVD7 days7 days / 2 time
$0.50 / $10.00
New-DVD7 days7 days / 1 time
$0.50 / $10.00
While the Pompton Lakes Public Library does not currently offer the following materials, patrons may request these items from any library that does offer these materials.  Requests may be placed for items that are older then 3 months.
Video (VHS)21 days21 days / 1 time
$0.10 / $5.00
Audio (Music)21 days21 days / 1 time
$0.10 / $5.00



Books which are lost or damaged will be charged the replacement cost of the book.

A $5.00 processing/handling fee will be added for each book. In the event, that a patron finds a lost book, after having paid for it, the library will refund the price of the book.

Please be aware, that the $5.00 fee will NOT be refunded.


Receive e-mail reminders two days before materials are due.
Come to the library to register your email address.


For certain high demand books, patrons of the Pompton Lakes Public Library, may ask to be placed on a waiting list.  The order of the waiting list will be determined on a first come, first serve basis. Patrons will be notified by phone when it is their turn to pick up the book.

* As of July 5, 2011 patrons will be notified by email, when materials are available for pick-up.

** If you wish to receive email notices, please see the library staff.  If you have previously provided an email address and are not receiving email notices, please see the library staff to verify the email address.

Patrons of the Pompton Lakes Public Library may place requests for books in this library’s collection or from other libraries.

For books that the library owns or is owned by another member library of PalsPlus, the patron may make a request directly at the Main Desk.  We will need the patron’s library card and the name or author of the book.

In the event that the library does not own a certain book, we have the ability to request books from other libraries.  The patron may come to the desk and if the book is not on the PalsPlus database, will be asked to fill out a request card.


  • Patrons are asked to bring their library cards when placing reserves or requests.
  • The library card that was used to place the reserve or request will be required to check out the book(s).
  • Materials will be held for 3 business days.  Please pick up your materials promptly.

Thank you.