Pompton Lakes Public Library Flood Preparedness Information

Updated 08/20/2021

Pompton Lakes Borough Website

FEMA Flood Map Service Center

How To Read a Flood Insurance Rate Map Tutorial

Federal Emergency Management Agency

FloodSmart: The official site of the NFIP

FEMA – Floodplain Management Publications

Ready.gov – Floods

CRS (Community Rating System)  Flood Protection Information

Additional information on the National Flood Insurance Program Community Rating System

The following contains links to information on flood maps, flood insurance and flooding preparation.

Most links have the named documents available online.
The documents may also be searched by FEMA publication number or resource title at Search.gov
A small number of documents marked with an asterisk [*] are only available in hardcopy.

Documents on flood maps and studies:
Documents on flood insurance:
Documents on protecting a building:
Documents on community floodplain management or flood hazard mitigation:

Documents on natural and beneficial floodplain functions:

[*] There are three video tapes in FEMA’s “Best Build” series:

  • Best Build 1: Constructing a Sound Coastal Home
  • Best Build 2: Construction in a Riverine Floodplain
  • Best Build 3: Protecting a Flood-prone Home

These U.S. Army Corps of Engineers flood proofing publications can be found on the following website:  https://www.usace.army.mil/Missions/Civil-Works/Project-Planning/nfpc/