75th Anniversary – 1987

Emanuel Einstein Memorial Library

The library, a beautiful building of Tudor design, was dedicated in April 1912, for the use of the people of Pompton Lakes. It was built by Mrs. Emaneul Einstein, at a cost of $75,000 in memory of her husband who died in 1909. Mrs. Einstein specified that the building was also to be used as a social center.

Over the earlier years, the second floor was used at various times as librarian quarters, a weekly baby clinic, meeting place for many non-profit organizations, and as a gymnasium. A number of dances were held there as well. During World War II, the Red Cross used space here and first aid classes were held.

Mrs. Van Orden, daughter of the late Mrs. Einstein, maintained the library at her own expense until 1953, when she generously qave the library grounds to the Borough to be a municipal library. Mrs. Van Orden served on the Library Board of Trustees for many years, and still is an Honorary Life Member. She has continued to show an active interest in the library.

In 1954, part of the second floor was converted to a children’s room. An air conditioning system was installed in 1970. A renovation and redecoration of the interior was accomplished in 1975-76. Parking spaces were doubled, and a ramp built to the back door to accommodate the handicapped.

The number of books available has increased over the years. Audiovisual material, projectors, and a Large Print collection have been added. Computers have been installed for the use of the public. Numerous programs have been run for the children.

Over the years, the library has had nine directors: Mrs. Thomas Wood, Miss Mary Jacobs, Mrs. David Boyle, Mrs. Laura J Connolly, Mr. John Philip, Mr. Robert Pierce, Mrs. Dorothea DeBrettville, Mr. Joseph Rosenbloom, and Dr. John Donovan.

The Library is governed by a Board of Directors appointed for 5 year terms by the Mayor and Council. The mayor and Supt. Of Schools are members of the Board, ex officio. The current mayor, Charles Romain, is a former president of the Board.

Mention should be made of the Pompton Lakes Woman’s Club. Over the years, the Club has consistently supported the library, not only by Tag Day, but also by volunteer help.

A Terhune corner on the second floor, containing memorabilia of the noted local author was made possible through a gift of the Albert Payson Terhune Foundation.

Many other gifts have been received over the years from local organizations, such as the Lions Club and many public spirited individuals.


Mrs. Marjorie Allison, President

Mrs. Anita Reilly     Mr. George Andrusin
Mrs. Theresa MacRae    Mr. Walter Hershey

Supt. Of Schoools: Dr. Jon Kopko

Alternate: Dr. Herbert Weintraub

Mayor: Mr. Charles Romain Jr.

Alternate: Mr. Fred Naftali

Hon. Life Member: Mrs. T. Durland Van Orden