50th Anniversary: 1912 – 1962


The library, representing an original outlay of $75,000, was opened during April 1912.  It was a gift to the people of Pompton Lakes by Mrs. Emanuel Einstein as a memorial to her husband who died in 1909.  The gift included the plot, the building, its equipment and a stock of books.  The building is a fine example of seventeenth century architecture.  In the deed the plot is described as facing on “Wynockie Avenue (sometimes called Wanaque Avenue)”.  Mrs. Einstein specified that the building was to be used also as a social center.

Her daughter, Mrs. Alice E. VanOrden, a member of the Board of Trustees, maintained the facilities at her own expense until 1953 when the library was given the status of a Free Public Library and its operation was taken over by the borough. After many years of unselfish devotion to the library, she recently resigned and was elected an Honorary Life Member of the Board of Trustees.  Of the original board only Mr. Frank A. Marion is still living.  In its fifty years the library has had only five librarians: Mrs. Thomas Wood, Miss Mary Jacobs, Mrs. David Boyle, Mrs. Laura J. Connolly and Mr. John J. Philip.

To illustrate the growth of the library, in 1953 it had a circulation of 25,206.  In 1961 it has a circulation of 59,236.

This library covers a wide range of books, fiction and nonfiction, as well as pamphlets, 7 newspapers and 70 magazines.

Services: A library, in its technical sense, is a building containing a collection of books, with a system for their custody and control.  However, a library presents many values to all of our citizens: as a place for the dissemination of information, the stimulation of thought, a constant search for the truth, and the encouragement of the profitable use of leisure time.  Some of the interesting services we offer are:

Schools: Classes from the borough elementary schools visit the library and staff offers programs at the schools.

Story Hours: Every Saturday at 10:30 A.M. a story hour is held at the library.

Museum: A local history museum maintained by the Pompton Lakes Woman’s Club is located on the second floor.


Max E. Bornstein Recent Books Shelves
James H. Wyld Science Section
Charles E. Stiles Reference Collection

Growth by Donations: Space precludes the listing of the many organizations which periodically donate funds for the purchase of books of special and general interest.

Reference Questions: In the last six months of the past year our staff answered a total of 4885 questions, 1950 by phone and 2935 in person.

Board of Trustees

Mrs. Robert G. Lantz, President

  • Mrs. Gil Moreau
  • Mr. Jesse Halpern
  • Mr. H. A. Cozzens
  • Mrs. Edwin G. Hermanni
  • Mr. W. K. Gillespie

Hon. Isadore Gelman, Mayor


Mr. John J. Phillip, Director

  • Mrs. Jos. Hannan
  • Mrs. Karl Rebscher
  • Mrs. Corwin Tintle
  • Mrs. Richard Mandle
  • Miss M. MacMaster
  • Miss Anne McCarter
  • Miss Anita Rebscher
  • Mr. John Hushon
  • Miss Jane McCarthy


  • Mrs. Guy Gammon
  • Mrs. Roy Gott
  • Mrs. H. Uberbacher
  • Mrs. G. Rowe
  • Mrs. M Riggi
  • Mrs. H. Weiss
  • Mrs. J. Sherinian
  • Mrs. John Hingle
  • Mrs. Ira Pike
  • Mrs. Arthur Wilson
  • Mrs. E. Shinman
  • Mrs. M. Kahn


  • Mrs. Nan VanKleef
  • Mr. John Techine